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Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets made by Lista are unsurpassed in quality and finish. You want Lista cabinets for your garage because nothing works like a Lista cabinet, or a Lista workbench, and nothing else looks like Lista equipment. If you could sit them side-by-side with any other manufacturer’s products in the world you would immediately see why. They make the worlds finest modular cabinets and industrial workbenches and it shows. They are beautiful, indestructible, secure and are the ultimate in organization. Maybe that is why you will find their cabinets in racing trailers, auto plants, race team garages and collectors garages around the world.

These are garage cabinets that you will pass on to your children. These are the garage cabinets your friends will dream of owning. These are the garage cabinets your 1957 Harley Davidson Sportser or your 1968 Yenko Camaro deserve. You will never regret investing in Lista cabinets for your garage or workshop.

Some benefits of Lista modular cabinets for your garage:

Drawer Capacity
Tools and fasteners weigh a great deal. Over time, as the drawers are opened and closed, the weight of the tools will destroy wood, plastic and thin metal drawers. Sometimes the drawers bend or crack, and other times the drawer bearings give-out. Not so with these cabinets that glide smoother the closer you get to the 440 pounds per drawer weight capacity. Fully extended drawers allow you to see all the contents of the drawer and never trying to pry something out from the back of the drawer.

Flush Drawer Handles
Lista makes a drawer front that folds over to create its own pull handle. There are many benefits to this design. It is stronger and it is flush with the front of the housing. The handle is the width of the drawer which allows you to label the width of the drawer. The handle wont break off and you will never get caught on the sharp edges of a handle with a broken end cap, like most other cabinets.

Color Options
A wide variety of standard colors are available from Lista. You can create or match whatever color scheme you are looking for with Lista’s standard powder coatings. Custom colors are available.

Easy Relocation
They are easily moved if you relocate. Pack it up loaded and relocate using a pallet jack and a liftgate.

Lots of locking options are available to keep your valuable tools secure. These cabinets are designed to keep valuable tooling secure and organized on production floors. Lista cabinets are not easy to break into once locked. You can get all the cabinets keyed alike, or have different keys for different cabinets, a master key system or even an electronic keypad locking system.

Drawer Interiors
This is what really separates modular cabinets in terms of organization. Have a look at the drawer interiors and you will see. No more searching for tools. No more lost tools. Fantastic for tools, fasteners, electrical parts, etc.

Lista Warranty

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