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Parts Cabinets

Parts cabinets, parts storage cabinets, small parts storage cabinets, metal parts cabinets, steel parts cabinets, parts drawer cabinets, etc. are all names used to describe modular drawer cabinets.  These industrial cabinets are designed so that individual cabinets, workbenches, shelving or other components can easily be configured to create larger storage and workspace systems. Sometimes this type of equipment, especially workbenches, is referred to as industrial furniture, or technical furniture.

Some benefits of parts cabinet storage:

  • Save Space – Usually two to three sections of steel shelving with six shelves each can fit into one eye-height parts cabinet, although it can be more if you have lots of shelf bins for storing small parts.  The smaller your parts the greater the space savings in a parts drawer cabinet.  How much does that space cost you?  The space saved is frequently utilized for revenue generating projects versus parts storage.  Would you like to know how many cabinets will be necessary to replace your current parts shelving?  Contact us today for a free survey of your parts storage system!
  • Protection – Many valuable parts, especially sensitive electronics parts, can be damaged by dust, moisture, static electricity and light.  Drawer storage helps maintain the reliability of your critical parts and tools by reducing these environmental concerns.
  • Security – Some inventory is better-off not being seen until necessary.  Modular cabinet drawer storage provides easy access, but will also protect your tools, parts, etc. from prying eyes.  Many locking options are available that provide serious security when required.
  • Reduced Labor Time – The time it takes to locate a part in a shelf full of boxes, the time it takes to pull the box and remove the part, and the time to cycle count that SKU is expensive.  This labor to locate and pick an item is typically the most expensive in warehousing operations.  The Return On Investment (ROI) for parts cabinets and modular drawer cabinets is easy to calculate.  Contact us today to help you evaluate your material handling ROI!


  • Ergonomics –  Drawer cabinet storage offers a number of safety and ergonomic improvements when compared to shelving.  When the cabinet inventory is slotted properly there will be less bending over and reaching up.  Drawer cabinets also eliminate the need for rolling ladders and employees climbing on shelving.
  • Durability – High quality modular drawer cabinets, like Lista, will last a lifetime.  Expect your Lista shop equipment to last at least your lifetime.
  • Ease To Relocate – Most people don’t consider the ease of moving Lista cabinets and workbenches, but if you ever have to relocate or even rearrange a production area, you will realize quickly what a great advantage cabinets have over shelving.  Just pick the cabinet up fully loaded with a pallet jack, forklift or dolly and move it.  That is easy, and much less time consuming, when compared to removing shelf boxes filled with inventory, dismantling shelving, re-installing shelving and replacing shelf bins.
  • Drawer Capacity – The standard Lista drawer extends 100% so you can reach every inch of the drawer interior, even when the drawer has an evenly distributed load of 440 pounds.  Lista cabinets were developed in the machining world where specialized tooling can be immensely heavy.  These drawers are extremely easy to open and glide out from the housing on large roller bearings, not slides, even when fully loaded.  These steel drawers will not wear-out like wood, plastic and light gauge steel drawers with slides.

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