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Lista Information

Lista information can be found here to help you assemble Lista cabinets, choose your cabinet colors or see the famous Lista Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Lista Assembly

Lista Assembly Instructions

    Lista assembly instructions are available in PDF format for the following Lista products: Lista Cabinet Installation Lista Mobile Cabinet Loading Instructions Lista Industrial Workbench Instructions Lista Hanging Cabinet Installation Lista Basic Storage Wall Assembly Instructions Lista Storage Wall Door Assembly Instructions Lista Arlink Modular Workstation Assembly Instructions Lista Arlink Workstation Accessories Instructions Tool …

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Lista Cabinet Bases

Lista cabinet bases are available in many sizes to meet your specific needs.  The stationary and mobile base heights should be taken into consideration when adding them to any cabinet.  Lista does not recommend adding mobile bases to any 1225 or higher cabinet housing.

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Lista Cabinet Break In

Lista Cabinet Break-In Directions

  Lista cabinet break-in directions from Warehouse Supply Group will show you exactly how to get into your cabinet without damaging it.  How do I break into a Lista cabinet?  How do I unlock my Lista cabinet without keys?  You may have bought a locked Lista cabinet at auction, lost your keys, or locked your …

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Lista Cabinet Housings

Lista cabinet housings come in a wide range of sizes to meet any requirement.  Here is a table showing the available Lista cabinet housings.

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Lista Drawer Footprints

Lista drawer footprints come in a wide variety of sizes to meet any application or available space.  By mixing and matching the various sizes maximum use can be made of available space.   The range of Lista drawer sizes also provides for specific product storage applications that increase organization.

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Lista Drawer Heights

Lista drawer heights are available to meet every application or space requirement.  Here is a list of the standard Lista drawer heights.

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Lista Yellow Paint Chip

Lista Paint Colors

Lista paint colors are applied to all Lista cabinets using a powder coating system that creates a beautiful uniform finish and is environmentally friendly.  Lista does not charge extra to paint the housing one standard color and all of the drawers another standard color.  Drawer interiors and accessories on all standard color cabinet combinations are …

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Lista Cabinets

Lista Warranty

Lista Limited Lifetime Warranty Subject to the exclusions and limitations as stated below, Lista International Corporation warrants only to the original purchaser that all Lista manufactured products will remain free from defects in materials and workmanship for so long as the original purchaser retains ownership, possession and control of the product.THIS WARRANTY EXPRESSLY EXCLUDES DAMAGE …

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Parts Cabinets

Modular Drawer Cabinets Save Space and Money

    Modular drawer cabinets save space and money.  Although parts shelving is the simplest storage solution there is for small inventory that doesn’t mean it is the best, or least expensive, solution. Modular drawer cabinets can fit three sections of shelving into one cabinet typically.  Here you can see a parts room that was …

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