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Lista Cabinet Break-In Directions


Lista cabinet break-in directions from Warehouse Supply Group will show you exactly how to get into your cabinet without damaging it.  How do I break into a Lista cabinet?  How do I unlock my Lista cabinet without keys?  You may have bought a locked Lista cabinet at auction, lost your keys, or locked your keys in your cabinet and want to know the best way to break in.  If you don’t know how to get into a locked Lista drawer cabinet it can be nearly impossible to break-in without destroying the cabinet housing, drawers or lock.

Lista’s patented PrevenTip interlocking mechanism prevents more than one drawer from being opened at a time.  This important safety benefit prevents the cabinet from becoming out of balance and creating a safety hazard.  When the cabinet is locked it is this feature, not the lock, that you have to deal with.  Removing the lock won’t necessarily solve the problem, and efforts to do so often destroy these beautiful industrial cabinets.

Contact Warehouse Supply Group by email at , or by phone at (281) 908-4330, for detailed Lista cabinet break-in instructions.  We are a factory trained and authorized Lista dealer.


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